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Why should I choose NUNC?
Because you’re looking for serious nutrition to support your overall health and wellness. Buuuuuuuut you also want something to eat that is super delicious and actually works. Also, you’re a fun person that likes to feel good.
So, whether you’re an athlete, busy mom or dad that’s always on-the-go, or perhaps someone that just would like to take better care of themself, NUNC is the delicious health-alternative to regular “chalk” nutrition. Let’s just say if our ancestors found out about us, they’d be suuuuuper jealous because all of their nutrition tasted like grass and hurt their mouths...
Are NUNC gummies gluten-free?
Yes! All of our gummies are 100% gluten-free and made with ingredients that are calm on the digestion.
Are NUNC gummies vegetarian?
Yes! All of our gummies are packaged in a US facility that only processes natural, vegan, and vegetarian ingredients. Our natural gelatin is made with natural plant-based pectins.
Are NUNC gummies Kosher/Halal?
Yes! Our gummies are made in a Kosher/Halal certified facility that maintains the strictest standards of quality assurance.
Does NUNC ACV gummy contain “the mother”?
Yes! With our unique process, we made sure each NUNNC ACV gummy contains pure, active bacteria that are found in organic apple cider vinegar.
The added ginger root extract works complimentary with the natural ACV for even better digestion.
Where are NUNC gummies made?
All of our gummies are packaged in sunny Miami, Florida. Our gummies are produced inside a cGMP facility that is certified organic, allergen-free, Kosher, Halal, and made with non-GMO ingredients.
How many gummies should I take?
For best results, we recommend taking 2 to 4 gummies per day.
Is there sugar in NUNC gummies?
Our gummies are made with low, natural sugars you would find in fruit. We do not add processed sugars, nor do we make our gummies with artificial additives and bulking agents.
Is there gelatin in NUNC gummies?
No. To give our gummies their signature texture and gummy deliciousness, we only use citrus pectin instead of regular gelatin.
Can I take NUNC gummies on an empty stomach?
Yes! Our gummies are calm on your digestion and safe to eat on an empty stomach.
Is my credit card information safe?
Yes! We process all of our orders through a safe, encryption payment processing system. We do not have access to your credit card information, nor can we store your credit card information.
How soon will I receive my order?
We ship as soon as your order is placed. If you’re living in the US, please allow 3 to 10 business days for your order to be delivered to your doorstep. For international orders, please wait at least 15 business days.
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We are confident you’ll love us. However, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, then you may return your order for a full refund with zero hard feelings. Please contact our support team within 30 days of purchase at support@nunnc.com and we will refund your investment. Customers are responsible for paying the shipping cost when returning our products.
Sandra Brown
Des Moines, IA
Verified Buyer
Love these
They have cured my appetite. I do not get hungry in between meals , more energy and helps with weight loss.
Amy Brownsuga Ramsey
Paterson, NJ
Verified Buyer
I love them
These things taste so good your gonna wanna eat them like gummies bears. I have to remember this is a form of supplement not candy But they give me energy and im already curving my appetite.
Diana Lee Castagna
Westbury, NY
Verified Buyer
I have lost almost 15 pounds, in three months… I take this faithfully every day ,my digestion is perfect, my energy level is amazing…..and I just have an all over well-being.. And my cravings are under control!!!
Mandy Phillips Shelton
Birmingham, AL
Verified Buyer
Taste great!!
I just started them and I can already tell the difference. I was having issues with bloating and stomach discomfort and those are much better since I started NUNC. Very easy to take and they taste great!!
Neisa Tucker
Humble, TX
Verified Buyer
Fairly quickly
I ordered one bottle and received it fairly quickly. I’ve only taken them for two days and I can tell a difference in how I feel. (Im not paid to comment 😀 this is real talk) I noticed I was going to the rest room more and I don’t feel as bloated. I will definitely be placing another order. Where’s my discount code 🥰?
Kaydra Fischer
North Mankato, MN
Verified Buyer
Never going back to drinking ACV
Nunc ACV Gummies are soooo much better than taking Apple Cider Vinegar. The bitter taste was so hard for me to get down, but these are so easy and it tastes good. I will NEVER go back to drinking my ACV. This is the only option for me. I almost wat to eat it like candy and I have to stop myself. It is the best. You have a customer for life.
Donna Young
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Buyer
These are the best!!!
These are great!! I have made these gummies a part of my daily routine for the last 3 months. Before taking them, I would constantly have stomach issues that have all but disappeared. One a day is all I need and the fact that they taste great is an added bonus.